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London, United Kingdom, 25th Oct 2022 – The mission of the advertising machine at the beginning of its birth is to change the passive mode of advertising and attract customers to actively browse the advertisement through an interactive way. The development direction of advertising machine has been continuing this mission: intelligent interaction, public service, entertainment interaction, etc.(ROGTAZR advertisement placement)

The ultimate purpose of advertising machine is to occupy the market share of advertising. As advertising machine can spread advertising beyond time constraint and space limitation, so that advertising can be spread from time and space limitation, media companies will have more time periods to broadcast advertising, and advertising machine is on standby 24 hours a day, anytime and anywhere.

Analysis of the future development trend of advertising machine industry.(ROGTAZR advertisement placement)

1、Advertising machine intelligence

Networked advertising machine and the trend of network advertising machine applications. The trend of high-definition development: At present, most of the LCD screen can achieve the effect of high-definition, but due to the limitations of the source and hardware decoding limitations, cannot give full play to the performance advantages of the LCD advertising machine screen, the future development of digital television, high-definition television is bound to become the only choice for the future. Especially in the current competitive environment, in the case of similar hardware platform, HD display is more likely to highlight the effect of the display.(ROGTAZR advertisement placement)

Outdoor development trend: due to the current city or semi-outdoor use of site resources to reduce and be compressed, but also due to the practical needs of the site, the future advertising opportunities will be increasingly used in outdoor, which puts forward higher requirements for technology. With the breakthrough of high brightness and waterproof technology, it is believed that the future application space will be more expanded.(ROGTAZR advertisement placement)

2、Specialization development trend

Social and economic development of the demand gap for advertising; industrialization and specialization of the market demand is recognized; service nature, public welfare nature of the media publicity more professional and targeted.(ROGTAZR advertisement placement)

3、The overall platform development trend

Any equipment that can be advertised to many consumers at the same time through advertising expressions in public places or open air and can achieve the marketing of goods is outdoor advertising media.(ROGTAZR advertisement placement)

Outdoor advertising can be divided into two categories: flat ones include street sign advertising, poster advertising, wall advertising, posters, banners, etc. Three-dimensional advertising is divided into advertising pillars, advertising machines, and advertising tower light boxes, etc. When it comes to information media, most people directly think of newspapers, radio, television, or the Internet. But today’s publishers are no longer satisfied with these traditional channels of information that have a wide but untargeted audience. The information media market is shifting from mass marketing to niche marketing. In an era where products and consumers are being segmented, the limitations of traditional media are that they cannot effectively differentiate the target audience of a product.(ROGTAZR advertisement placement)

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